microphones in the trees

Monday, June 29, 2015

naran ratan

"tasty morsels jam club just added 11 minutes and 11 seconds of spiritual jazz miniatures, garden music, beginner clarinet jams etc to our archive. it's all a big ode to nature and so on and makes good background music probably. it is called "trees etc." and was created by our weird friend, naran ratan, some time ago. on behalf of naran ratan, here given, phrased mainly in Spirit Quest, is a quite quiet journey, dedicated to oldest friends and nearby shrubbery."

composition: n ratan 
keyboard: n ratan 
clarinet: n ratan 
'e' guitar: simone 
art: 'bath' by r. mccarthy 
otherwise: n ratan

Saturday, June 13, 2015

venn rain / jeff brown / jade poppyfield / cool person / kurma

~ long ago recordings from Jimmy Billingham's dark wafting dream machine ~

 ~ a two cassette, four way split. the answered ad in the back of a science fiction novella asking writers to submit their own work. heavy on themes, and story arch placement ~

 featured sounds:

North Carolina's Kurma
Georgia's Jade Poppyfield
Florida's Cool Person
Washington's Jeff Brown

Monday, June 08, 2015

strom noir / sij

"our long-time favorite ambient music maker joins our label for this tape. warm, contemplative guitar tunes of Strom Noir are very good for listening on repeat in your quietest time of day, when nothing will distract you. ambient impressionism in its best, reflecting and radiating all and everything around ~ through the music, through the self." 

~ all tracks conceived as headphone music. 
written and recorded by Emil Maťko ~

"second "shrine" from imaginative world of SiJ music expands the colorful landscapes of ancient myths and legends, merging tribal pulses with timeless ambient flows. entraining mind with mysterious sounds, this album isn't just telling stories, but invites the listener to solve enigmas of hidden shrines and symbolic tales. from here and now ~ to infinite beyond."

 all tracks written, mixed and mastered by Vladislav Sikach 

 percussion by Robert Rich, Bill Laswell, Robin Storey/Rapoon.
field recordings by jymdavis, ahmadSA, D W, 
everythingsounds, annhawks, Sclolex. 
singing Bowl by Tim Six/Creation VI

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

david edren

"When Sigrid Volders & Narelle Dore asked me to make a musical mix for the presentation of their project "Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant", i immediately thought of the "Plantasia" album by Mort Garson, who is one of my favourite electronic composers. Little did i know, i soon discovered, although truly amazing, it is just one of many plant-related albums. Roger Roger, that other pioneer of electronic library music, made "De La Musique et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter vos Plantes" in 1978, a remarkable album which, like the Mort Garson album, also included a booklet with enchanting text and pictures. For me, discovering more and more, it all began to form into this greater spiral of interest. I saw the film "The Secret Life Of Plants" and this documentary called "Mind Of Plants" by Jacques Mitsch (Arte 2009). 

After which i immediately obtained some codariocalyx and mimosa pudica seeds; both known as the dancing and sensitive plants respectively. I really wanted to start growing these plants myself. When the first seedlings popped up, in my head a plan began to grow. You get emotionally attached to plants, watering them at specific times and taking care of them every day; something that was new to me, really. After the codario was already grown quite a bit, i started placing a little speaker next to it and play it gentle electronic sounds. The littlest leaves would start twitching and turning right after these waves of sound would come out of the speaker. As for the mimosa pudica, it was rather obvious from the beginning this was a very sensitive being; The slightest touch or breeze would set off it's receptors, folding up it's leaves one by one and even branches collapsing towards it's roots. I was mesmerized! As an ode to these two botanical beings, i decided to make sounds which are gathered here on the attached cd. Enjoy." David Edren / DSR Lines

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

portopia '81 / sarah davachi / overscan

"plush and emotive widescreen synth composition from Osaka's Overscan. composed and recorded between 2013 and 2014. all music by Marcus Miller." boomkat

"the best from Constellation Tatsu's latest batch is a creamy kosmiche trip from Shin Buchikama a.k.a. Portopia '81. gazing at classic Kraftwerk and YMO thru the rosiest of tinted gegs, he takes flight with six deeply charming synth fancies, scaling giddy, breathless heights between the satin arpeggios and vocoder navigations of 'Jet Stream' before diving into the tranquil silicon pools of 'Sparkling Constellation', free-floating in the 'Sea of Clouds' and scanning the melting skies of 'Distant Horizon', eventually slipping into the sweetest reverie of 'Strange Dream' and pirouetting in slow motion between the syntherzones of 'Light and Shadow'." boomkat

"synthesist, Sarah Davachi follows up her lovely 'Baron's Court' LP for Students of Decay with this suite of ominous, mystical drone composition for Constellation Tatsu. they're slow moving unfolding and quietly intense pieces, poised with a chamber music-like elegance and folk-wise simplicity, perhaps at best in the uncurling fronds of 'Flowers and Other Voiceless Things' and the curdled, keening harmonics of 'Praha'." boomkat

de las hornadas de constellation tatsu, siempre tan perfectas, sólo puedo decir cosas bonitas. el hecho de no saber nada de Overscan (Marcus Miller) hace que todavía sea más emocionante adentrarme en 'conscious', mi gran descubrimiento de esta hornada primaveral. tan sólo escuchando las primeras notas de 'old haunts' ya estoy rendida, imaginando un split con Floating Gardens y Voice of the Garden (¿qué fue de Eric Hanss y Field Studies?). texturas de cristal, teclados acuosos, placeres ingrávidos a los que soy adicta. 'perspective' es mi favorita: ese fluir, un sol cegador, un mar azul inmenso rumbo a las islas cíes. las olas salpicándote a cada vaivén. pienso, no sé porqué, en 'la foto más foto'. esa sensación.

debilidad de debilidades. nostálgico de los diseños comestibles (Ginjoha Tapes), devoto de décadas pasadas y la música futurista, a Shin Buchikama seguro que le hubiera gustado haber nacido en otra época. por eso viaja al pasado cada vez que reaparece como Portopia '81. 'jet stream' es un flujo de aire rápido y estrecho que se encuentra en las atmósferas de algunos planetas, incluyendo la Tierra. de ese fluir brotan sonidos analógicos, naturales y del espacio exterior dispuestos elegantemente para diseñar canciones entre la nostalgia y el éxtasis. una voz robótica puro Jean Michel Jarre nos da la bienvenida en 'jet stream', tierna y eufórica como 'sparkling constellation'. 'sea of clouds', cuyo título es del todo explícito, es la más ambient, la más bonita, electrónica de brisa constante, confortable. muy difícil describirla: un mar de nubes, nada más. y ese sentido de la armonía tan buchikamashi. suena 'distant horizon' y vuelvo a Overscan, a 'perspective', a esa foto.

Sarah Davachi (de gira hace poco con Panabrite) nos cautivó con canciones como 'doline' y 'leicht' (que la filomena incluyó en 'river of god') y vuelve a cautivarnos con 'qualities of bodies permanent', tan afín al minimalismo y a las salmodias hipnóticas de Eliane Radigue y Terry Riley. en 'codex' un sintetizador cual órgano eclesiástico me deja muda. si Kathleen Baird cantase en ella, podría ser una canción de Spires That in The Sunset Rise. todo en ella es como el zumbido de una avispa, un drone suspendido en la atmósfera de manera permanente, un ritmo obsesivo que no sube ni baja, se mantiene estático, enriquecido por el violoncello barroco, la flauta y el mellotron de Shirley Hunt. 'praha', 'geneva' (favoritísima) y 'codex'. tres canciones, inalterables pero tan imprevisibles las tres, que son un bálsamo.

Friday, May 22, 2015

el nuevo octeto folklórica del instituto lahmogie

"hey folks, been a long time! very pleased to announce that Tuluum Shimmering has been appointed musical and translunary advisor to that most ancient and mystical organisation, the Lahmogie Institute! The Institute, of which you have no doubt heard much, can be found here:  as well as within your hearts. on the website you will find all manner of recorded musical sounds by Tuluum Shimmering, both old and new, on a veriety of media. also to be found are Musical Instruments! Books! Tradional Music from Ohgig Eeyah! Ohgigets: Original Artyfacts from the first Ohgig Eeyahn Electric Era! Sounds of Nature! Radio Revels! Films! Pamphlet Series! Ohgig Eeyah Archive! Prof. Pufajakit! Mix of the Month! And much else besides!!! In case you might miss it, I would like to draw your attention in particular to the book People Speaking About Making Music: A Collection of Quotes Presented in Random Order, which I believe may be of much interest to many here. more info on the website. be sure to take a peek at the musical instruments too if you have any interest in unusual sound making devices. many thanks from all at the Institute!" jake webster

~ download ~

Monday, May 18, 2015

~ tuluum shimmering ~ four new releases ~

"four magical cd's by UK-based, one-man transcendental-drone band Tuluum Shimmering. the sound of Tuluum Shimmering is like a sort of loop-driven, timeless ethnic music without a region or a tradition. an array of instruments (sampling keyboard, flutes, violin, kalimba, percussion) are run, via a mixer, through a multi-FX pedal into a 30-second looper, and out to an amp." aguirre

Everything has its cycles. Since the very start of everything we know, every single movement was part of some cycle. Galaxies spinning around each other or seasonal changes - it's only question of a scale. And with every cycle something changes - slowly, steady, it may be something absolutely invisible, - but it changes. Constant renovation of cosmos goes endlessly, through myriads ways of self-knowing. We can say that we breathe for life, but maybe it's Life breathes through us. Everything flows and everything remains the same. Your body changes every second, but you find yourself in the bed every morning - looking same, living same pattern, performing same rituals, thinking same thoughts. Days are going, but you don't feel them like a cycle - we are walking a straight line from past to future. But most likely this is spiral - unfolding, unfurling - and each new coil takes us one step up. Aeons ago people celebrated such turns with rituals, and we do same thing, only in different form. But if you don't have to explain why X-mas celebration ritual is important, why we should do those celebration only on determined days? Nature celebrates every sunrise, why shouldn't we? I think that music of Tuluum Shimmering is the way of such celebration. It cycles, brings joy and refreshing view of everything you put your mind on and it gives perspective of this endlessly unfolding Mystery of Creation that we all happened to be part of.

Every ritual has its pattern, and Jake Webster's tunes are always ritualistic in their own way. This is such kind of music that don't really tells you stories, but involves in creation of your own ones. It reminds wondrous magic carpet that hypnotizes you with its patterns - they seem repetitive at first glance, but longer you look the more you see. And it appears to be a flying carpet and it takes you far-far away from usual routine that we fill our lives by some silly reasons. This music gives you a ride that reminds about sacred nature of everything existing under this sun. A journey which is needed to recall that you're always on a journey. You're sitting on the couch, but meanwhile sun makes it cycle through the galaxy and this music makes you feel that. Under the layers and layers of loops and melodies it contains this wonderful never ending raga-like drone flow that connects every living creature in the Universe. Huge web, where energy flows, changing shapes and states. Once you feel it, you'll never be alone! Perform your rituals, celebrate your life, and don't think you run in circles - every circle is only a planar projection of neverending, infinitely unfolding spiral of Life. And this music goes along with it, just feel - just follow.