microphones in the trees: kuupuu

Saturday, August 26, 2006


recopilatorio de algunas canciones de sus primeras grabaciones: "Sateen Suutelemat" en Nidnod, "I Can Walk the Earth" en Foxglove y los 3 cdr's autoeditados. otra portada mágica de Jonna Karanka...

'Jonna Karanka aka Kuupuu is one of the main movers of the (deservedly) much hyped Finnish Psychedelic Free Folk scene. Originally hailing from Tampere she is known as a core member of Avarus, Anaksimandros, Kukkkiva Poliisi and Maniacs Dream. Additionally, she has recently started Hertta Lussu Ässä with Lau Nau and Islaja and has collaborated with Tomutonttu (aka Jan Anderzen of Kemialliset Ystävät) and Paavi (as Lussu ja Paavi).
"Yökehrä" is the first of two vinyl-only LP's on Dekorder compiling the best material from her first four CD-R and cassette releases, all of which immediately became sought after collector's items, fetching ridiculous prices on eBay.

This LP is a beautiful collection of haunting (sometimes spooky) home baked freeform folk songs, incorporating strange lo-fi loops, vocal drones and psychedelic cut-ups, made using weirdly tuned plucked and strummed strings, bells, clattery percussion, unidentifiable wind instruments, backwards tape loops and a ton of other noisemakers all played and recorded by herself; accompanied by her distinctive voice (often looped and layered) with vocals sung and whispered in her native Finnish language, making the whole atmosphere even more haunting and mysterious. Jonna Karanka creates an intimate space where the listener feels like sitting next to her in a small chamber or outside in the woods where Kuupuu sings a lullaby just for them.'

sounds like: 'late night lullabies for forest folk'


Anonymous said...

Nos vamos de viaje, pero antes quiero sentarme en la silla del porche.

ana said...

..y lo que sale de la puerta no es humo, es Jonna Karanka

ana said...

thank you for listening