microphones in the trees: my cat is an alien / corsican paintbrush

Thursday, October 26, 2006

my cat is an alien / corsican paintbrush

"Turin and Tulsa collide in this match made for the cosmos from the silver dust that permeates the atmosphere. Both these duos have been kissed in the third eye by the astral goddess, and the sonic ruins left behind leave nothing to chance. Minimal, cathartic excursions through starfields and galaxy farms are etched in stone on each side of this acetate beauty. My Cat Is An Alien contribute a piece recorded live on the radio. It is another side to their ever-evolving musical persona. the Opalios know how to get so much out of so little, and this piece is no different. Corsican Paintbrush, the husband-wife duo of Brad Rose & Eden Hemming, pour two wounded birds out of their hat. It's a feline-themed love affair, for sure. There's magic in these walls, and each duo does its part to crack the code. With copper-on-black silkscreened covers and limited to only 50 copies, it's time to get yourself a piece of space debris."

el disco empieza bien, con la clásica marcianada de los hermanos Opalio. una retransmisión en directo desde el planeta kfjc (toy piano, space toys, mini-xylophone, toy mics, vocals) con entrevista surrealista incluida y unos ruidos extraños que no se sabe de dónde vienen... después de esta locura un final feliz con dos canciones de Corsican Paintbrush. nadie como Eden & Brad para hacer que las flautas y los banjos desafinados suenen tan dulces como en ese minibucle extraterrestre titulado The Temper of Bastet. portada preciosa además...ya sólo por eso ojalá que la colaboración tenga continuidad. y si no, siempre lo recordaremos como el perfecto aperitivo de "Diamonds".


ana said...

jajaja mírala cómo mete presión sutilmente!!!

ana said...

miles de corsican paintbrush deslizándose por tu garganta...:P

ana said...

nada, a ver si se anima a escribir algo sobre el último disco de corsican paintbrush :)