microphones in the trees: tovah olson & pocahaunted

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

tovah olson & pocahaunted

tovah olson & pocahaunted - tovahaunted lp (tovinator 2008)

"Numbered edition of 200 copies on grey vinyl, already sold out at source. Tovahaunted is of course the perfect description of a particular syndrome that affects awkward fan-boys in the wake of seeing Tovah Olson rocking the bandstand but here it also works as cover for a collaboration between Tovah and Pocahaunted that is one of the darkest and most beautifully fucked recordings to come from either camp. Here they carve whole storms of slow-moving feedback, dragging grunting electronics and black ethereal waves of breath through the kind of narcotic formless environs more associated with uk amplifier fetishists like Ashtray Navigations or Skullflower minus anything approaching a riff or a hook. Excellent." volcanic tongue

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