microphones in the trees: wooden wand

Friday, March 27, 2009

wooden wand

wooden wand - born bad (mad monk/people in a position to know 2009)

"After probably one of the worst years of James Toth's life, he writes his best album to date, and has asked people in a position to know to corelease it with his Mad Monk imprint. twelve songs of haunting beauty and sadness." people in a position to know


rafa said...

super oklahoma soul!!

ana said...

jaja, dark pocket es el sumum del oklahoma soul...bueno, todo el disco es oklahoma soul (one two three!)

increibiles you've got nobody y i wouldn't do that. increibiles

Jessica E Bartley said...

this is a great album. thank you for all the great things your post.

Anonymous said...

lart mikid