microphones in the trees: pefkin

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"We've been a fan of Pefkin's delicate dreamscapes for a long time, and as such we're immensely proud to be able to present Zugunruhe. With its combination of processed guitar, free-form percussion, haunting vocals and analogue electronics, Zugunruhe is a beautiful collection of tracks that walks that ever-narrowing path between pop songs and pure abstraction." sound & fury
porque atrapa, mece, convence, susurra, hechiza e incluso asusta... special. gayle brogan aka pefkin es sin duda de las damas que hacen música preferidas... y lo mejor de 'zugunruhe' es que aún se puede comprar :)
foto: jos van wunnik


Anonymous said...

Detrás de este proyecto musical está el que lleva la distro Boa Melody Bar:


ana said...

ey, caracola del mar!!!

mar said...

ey, ponita del bosque!!!

Anonymous said...

any chance of any more second family band??? please.

Carolina said...
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