microphones in the trees: im jahrtal

Friday, August 07, 2009

im jahrtal

im jahrtal • reprisen und instrumentalstuecke [sloow tapes 2009]

"Post-Pilz folk instrumentals from the mountains of Tyrol. Jahrtal is the one-man project of Ewald Spiss, who has been involved in music and art since the early eighties. Tranquil melodies, exotic instrumentation and barking dogs echoing peaceful mountains and forests. 70 copies." sloow tapes

"Im Jahrtal is the magical musical world inhabited by Ewald Spiss of the Austrian Tyrol. It's a world of pastoral psych-folk instrumentals with backwards tapes, drifting flute, exotic instrumentation, guitar and pipe organ madrigals and a rudimentary charm in the way it's all put together. Lovely stuff." boa melody bar


fotola: coquinete

se vale soñar :)


ana said...

floating...¿cómo se puede hacer un disco tan bonito? las campanas y los pajarindos de im jahrtal y reprise ix me transportan muy lejos..

gracias por el símbolo caracoludo :)

adrián said...

bajandooo... sólo era para decir, me encanta la foto!!!

Anonymous said...

really nice stuff, thanks.

rafa said...

qué bonito!