microphones in the trees: pothole skinny

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pothole skinny

"Pothole Skinny is a psych music project founded by Stephen Connolly. Other musical projects and/or collaborations include: Tower Recordings, P.G. Six, Emerald Tablets, Marianne Nowottny, Julia Vorontsova, and various improvisational collaborations. The Old Bergen Vault ep Series is a 9 ep collection of unreleased, rare and live recordings from the 'Hutton House' era of Pothole Skinny. Some tracks were originally released as a free podcast through iTunes. After discontinuing the podcast, more tracks were mastered, collected and packaged for a digital download release as a since discontinued 'pay your price' option through Bandcamp." perhaps transparent


tek said...

thank you for this - never left a comment on this site before but i have been following it for about two or three years. It is one of my favorites. Learned about a lot of my now favorite music from you guys.

The reaping the bounty file seems to be damaged and it looks like the media fire server that clandestine forest lore is on crashed.

thanks again.

ps: here is a podcast of castanets playing on the radio atation that i work at there in new zealand- i originallt learned about him here on this site, though you might enjoy!


Anonymous said...

i agree- reaping the bounty seems to be corrupt, although clandestine forest lore worked for me fine. also thank you for the castanets link. ray is a gem.