microphones in the trees: la vampires & zola jesus

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

la vampires & zola jesus

"...overflowing with damaged dub and desert ghost vocals, the ideal soundtrack for a summer spent melting in the heat on the porch" omg vynil

"La Vampires is the latest project from the equally prolific Amanda Brown, who doubles as an active member of Pocahaunted, & the seductive charm of nu-goth singer Zola Jesus. The duo have combined styles for some new haunted melodies, rumbles into motion with those familiarly smudged out, indecipherable vocals and evaporating drum machines but there's a heavy bass groove and some ghoulish melodic developments set to balance out any of the more noxiously no-fi elements" boomkat

foto: nequest

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Christine said...

oh! zola jesus are coming to scotland in september :]