microphones in the trees: jennifer castle

Sunday, May 01, 2011

jennifer castle

"...Jennifer Castle and her new record, Castlemusic, is like a moving picture, set firmly in the present, living, breathing, and taking shape as you’re listening to it. It’s an animate, evolving record offers a new experience each time you listen to it.
...on “Way of the Crow” her voice soars above the clouds, using her upper register to take the listener airborn, presumably on the calmer currents of air above the storm hinted at in “Powers”. Then once you get to “Poor as Him”, Jennifer sets you down on a hot and humid beach to shake and shimmy along with the ghosts of kids in polka dot bikinis and surf shorts. It’s heady, sometimes trippy listening.
And so it goes through this record. It was recorded so that the natural reverb and sonic textures of the room were preserved, and throughout Castlemusic, you get the impression that much of what you hear happened exactly as it was recorded..." quick before it melts
bienvenida de nuevo señorita castle, y gracias por ragalarnos el disco más literalmente bonito del año
definitivamente, elegance is her way


Anonymous said...

que disco más bonito y más bien venido :-)


Crystal Rat said...

great album thank you!