microphones in the trees: cankun

Sunday, August 14, 2011


"Cankun will honour Hands in the Dark Records of its very first album release with its "Ethiopian Dreams" full length. The beach, idle, psychedelic melodies, piña coladas, burning hot sand, exotic rhythms, a blazing sun, an enchanting voice..." hands in the dark

"Here's a side-wack to the head from Archers by the Sea and Monks of the Balhill guru Vincent Caylet, called Cankun. Think of Ethiopian Dreams as a chorus of guitars that specialize in sparkly hi-end fragments and tell tale elements of drug music: shimmering psych texture, odd harmonic sense, gently lilting beats looping ad infinitum...Cankun will get you high off the glitter" impose

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Anonymous said...

turquesa azul, santa cruz vamos a escuchar una y otra vez.