microphones in the trees: creation VI | nemertis

Thursday, March 22, 2012

creation VI | nemertis

"days flow like a brook waters glittering in the sunlight. dreams and remembrances get mixed with each other. morning looks like evening, and night invites to forests where sacral dance of the Nature takes place away from street lamps and strangers' eyes. getting warmed with sunlight, we come to a new era. here sand and stones lay beneath fallen conifers' needles. roots attract lightning bugs when trees lose their leaves and prepare to complete the main life cycle while their bare branches spreads under moonlight, rain and cold winds. distant thunder sounds like its own echo playing a melody by feathers of ruffled owls. lightnings turn to stares of angels coming down to Earth as whole World is quivering, pulsating and singing his everlasting song.

this split unites two works which are similar in discovering something new in drone ambient. two projects, Creation VI from Kiev, Ukraine and Nemertis from Minsk, Belarus, explore guitar sound as a tool for developing abstract sound canvases. these abstract constructions are usually based on minimalistic sound streams and textures whose interlacing forms massive soundscapes." dna production

fotos: lindsay gray & ryan halliwill

sólo puedo dar las gracias a tim por acercarme a su música, y en especial a esta colaboración con nemertis, pero sobre todo a 'leto', drone luminoso para un jueves soleado. francamente bonito

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