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Monday, June 24, 2013

egyptian sports network

"brand new private press LP from the duo of Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child/Skaters) and Matt Mondanile (Ducktails) with a guest appearance from Mark McGuire (Emeralds): this is a stunning record and a high point in both players’ catalogues, approaching the kind of ecstasy sound that would marry the sensual body-gnosis and memory vague stylings of Dan Lopatin’s echo jams with the kind of celestial tone-world poetry of the Sun Ra Arkestra at its most plugged in and wiggy. the jams are massively infectious, with Spencer’s hallucinatory tropicalia phasing into the kind of motorik highs that would reconcile “I Feel Love” with Faust’s “Krautrock” while Mondanile sighs over the top in synthesized vocoder bliss. Indeed, Egyptian Sports Network feel like a technicolour riposte to late-period Throbbing Gristle. still, the mood is celebratory and high energy throughout, with irresistible rhythms piloted by aching/lucid keyboard melodies that are as nostalgic for the future as they are for all the past that’s yet to come. it feels like the triumphal resolution to definitive sides like the Skaters LP on the California box set or like a great yea-saying coda to Ferraro’s Marble Surf, a form of ascendant celebratory trance that borrows sci-fi and magickal imagery with a sound that truly travels the spaceways. plays at 45rpm for maximum body feel. This is the weirdo feel-good record of the year, very highly recommended!." volcanic tongue

"new Satellite transmissions recorded in Pacific City Sound Visions Studio by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Spencer Clark of Pacific City Sound Visions. This futuristic tale of a Zero Gravity Sports network's soundtrack being transmitted from the Olympic Space Station via Satellite feed, revealing an intuitive feel for the grace and immensity of space when brought into conjuction with the next advent in Transglobal Sports News Interstitial music. five pieces of high energy portal from the difficult listening and metallic abstraction of "2042 Zero G Olypmics" to the Global Space Station Club Hit "JAI-LAi Nightclub." a modern soundtrack to a film such as Carl Sagan's "Cosmos," Egyptian Sports Network combines the the tele-prompt madness of current Global Sports Network with that of the blissful repetitions of ‘70s Minimalism. Think Sportscenter, but Intuit the the stream of your consciousness fed through satellites as it breaks through into the ether. prismatic polyrhythmic flux and radiophonic freakery sounding like Bruce Haack's wildest dreams, or something that a future Jonny Trunk might dig out in fifty years time. a total charmer. "Like Christine Amanpour on Acid", quoted from BBC Analyst." new images

"to celebrate the release of Egyptian Sports Network, Spencer Clark has compiled a mix of upcoming Pacific City Sound releases. This mix originally came as an exclusive Volcanic Tongue-only bonus cd-r included with copies of Monopoly Child Star Searchers ~ The Garnet Toucan lp."

collages: ben giles

listen ~ download ~ buy the lp vinyl here or here 

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