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Sunday, June 05, 2016

rafi bookstaber

“We’d like to welcome back our old friend Rafi Bookstaber. It’s all good... the immediate thing I felt when I jammed his Late Summer for the first time was wanting to hug life, cosmic love in the underground. 

“This is a diff kind of human digitata, it’s sweet analog. You dig spring reverb, then maybe flesh it with sum Ra-fi. Pure jam. Extended solos and explorations go from downtown woodland discord and eternal reverie to Relatively Clean Rivers and beat earth poetics. Pretty darlin’ indeed...

“What a vapor trail of music; very groovy to see folks finally catching up to this head. Dawn of a new vibration out of his occult pedigree in so many spaced out earth objects (Death Chants / Aswara / Von Himmel / Mendocino). Bookstaber also logged golden hours with Time-Lag and that deep scene. The beginning of an ear and golden spirit juice. Mined private press vision with his own Azriel and Humito imprints, shucked handmades~there’s also his groove and howl with the wolfpack in the MV / EE axis. Oxide, preserves and records…Rafi hummed the music of maidens. Iron Maiden this is not, shipbuilding it sails, four sail and many years ago I was there, so was Rafi’s fi. You dig, apache? Find some wampum, blow a journey, be here now for Late Summer eternal...” Matt “MV” Valentine


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you had a link for the Rafi Bookstaber - "Visible Light" tape? I can't find a copy anywhere & I'm not sure if this is something you have or would be willing to do, but since I saw this post I thought I would ask.

Great blog by the way- I've been turned onto alot of great music by you, so thanks for that as well.


ana said...

thanks to you anonymous!

you can download visible light here:


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you so much- really appreciate the dl. Thanks for the heads-up on Rafi's new release also, can't wait for its release...

And thanks again for your site, I appreciate you doing it & always enjoy the music you post ;-)

Take care,


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Late summer by rafy bookstaber is really fantastic. it is released in July 1st 2016, but up to this moment i don't get a copy. One of my friend say that it is the best writing he seen in this year. i am very interested to read that one.

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