microphones in the trees: bedroom ~ moons

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

bedroom ~ moons

Bedroom – a resident of the already legendary label Tranquility Tapes, is back at Fluere Tapes with the new album! Blissfully enveloping symphony made of tape-softened atmospheres. Like a shoebox of old polaroids found in the attic of parents house, these compositions cast a pleasant melancholy, outlining smoothly the shapes of half-forgotten images of childhood. Notes of piano blend into a viscid syrup, slowly diffluent in transparent waves, synth lines break into shimmering fragments for one moment to gather into powerful clusters of energies a little bit later, tunneling and preparing the head for the perception of cosmic energies. No matter how we are attached to the environment, memories, emotions - it's crucial not to forget about the infinity of the universe, and to come into contact with it from time to time.

There is a lot of music in the world both "earthly" and extraterrestrial, absolutely detached from mundane reality – but on this cassette, everything falls into the integral picture. Pastoral compositions of the first side seem to be moving away gradually, we are already at the height of the bird's flight, then we see the stars already twinkling – just to shine with a full force supported by the springy pulsation of the beat on the beginning of B side and to disperse into thousands of multicolored streams in psychedelic flight through the dimensions in a very characteristic for Tranquility Tapes sound, which will surely please fans of Cliffsides, Afterlife or Lunar Miasma. In the end, everything returns back to earth, the circle closes, history repeats itself – just as the Moon hints us with its phases, simply as our earthly life passes. Nonetheless, in endless repetitions, nuances and variations are born, and in every cycle, there is something that will never happen again.

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