microphones in the trees: günter schlienz ~ icelandic tapes

Monday, August 26, 2019

günter schlienz ~ icelandic tapes

Finally realized after being a pipe dream for a few years, Günter Schlienz presents Icelandic Tapes. With album thirty-something, Schlienz literally explores new places: this is «journey music» in a literal sense. Schlienz and his partner Hanno Braun actually recorded the piece in the loneliness of Iceland’s high plateaus, nearby active volcanos and in the midst of stony deserts – hence the title (no fraud!). Batteries, synthesizers, cameras and good shoes were the main studio equipment trying to capture the unknown emptiness of this dark, warm and bleak breathtaking landscape in this most remote European country. Most of these sounds were recorded in the open, so Icelandic Tapes takes you on a field trip into the vastness of the north. Inside the black box of your mind, there's always something beautiful to explore ~ hangover central station

We can only add to this that being clinically addicted to Günter's music it's virtually impossible not to enjoy such an inspiring journey. The bare minimum of sounds present here gives the maximum result for imagination and perfectly reflects the nature of the North. Not many colors needed to paint a vivid landscape. Not many notes to form a melody. Sometimes silence between them tells even more. Enjoy!

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