microphones in the trees: ~ for the better future ~

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

~ for the better future ~

Greetings, dear friends of the Microphones, we hope you are well and wish you and your beloved ones a safest scenario possible through all the dangers of today's situation. As always and even more than usual we believe that music is a perfect inspiration and a tool to keep your mind clean and open, to see through all the mist, to be well in body and spirit and keep moving towards the better future of humanity! Below is a selection of tunes we've been enjoying recently and wanted to share with you and hope you'll love them and share further. Sharing is caring and love is the way =)

 "Each of these pieces was edited down from long improvisations at home, recorded late at night during October 2019. No computers, no multi-tracks, no sequencers, no overdubs" ~ solar cell kid

Gentle minimalist meanderings of synth arpeggios, vivid drones and transparent pads. Freely flowing jams of calm contemplation, the glimpses of summer childhood memories, careless joy of simply being... Music which is like air or water ~ just emerging from infinity for a while to simply go back into nowhere again, yet leaving a pleasant afterglow in your neurons. A must-listen for fans of Deep Magic or Sundrips kind of jam. Calming yet playful enough to keep you awake, watching your own movies on the backs of your eyelids.

• • •

"tristan likes the limits of one single vintage keyboard combined with a four track tape recorder. he says that the pedals are crucial, and he likes to stare out of the window while playing his music. so much to discover." synthesizer music to be played on your walkmen while wandering through inner worlds. watch the steps while humming along." ~ cosmic winnetou

A new offering of warm and soulful synth tunes from Cosmic Winnetou (we highly recommend getting the whole batch), featuring new jams by Tristan Magnetique whose synth drones and minimal textures are collaged here with some field recordings, apparently found sounds from tapes or TV/radio, building a hazy yet comforting vision of some distant times/places, existing probably just in one's head and at the same time in the infinite number of parallel universes. And who knows, are those fruits of Tristan's imagination or they are visions of those worlds, approaching through music, using it as a higher-dimensional portals... And if Tristan is an imaginary persona too, then how many layers of imagination we are dealing here with? And how many of them we can create ourselves... One may wonder, of course ~ and this tape offers a best soundtrack for that kind of activities.

ps: also check the newest Guenter's cassette at beautiful new label Cosima Pitz

• • •

With love, in love, we hold a vision of higher harmony and unity. A paradise of communion and compassion among all beings, with cooperative consciousness informing our relationships with each other and the natural world that fosters us. ~ flower room  

With this offering from the evergreen gardens of Flower Room Records we enter the vibrational spaces of meditative bliss produced with droning synths, psych-folkish guitars and beautiful reverberations taking your mind to a journey to the center of yourself which (of course) coincides with the center of the universe, if you dare to go deep enough. With these sounds and a proper mindset it becomes as easy as breathing ~ which is a treasure in times like these. Full of anahatic bliss, this album can be used in many ways actually, as it just soaks everything with love and harmony. Set you doubts and skepticism aside for a moment and plunge deep into these syrupy envelopes of the green! And when you done swimming, be sure to check out the Chakra series of guided meditations released at Flower Room through the past several months ~ it's a top notch material for further self-explorations and balancing your life. 

• • •  

dang olsen dream tape ~ into theta
plastic response records, 2020)

"Our journey here has timebinded elements that span the breadth of our current Dream Tape's incarnation. Sounds that were captured even before this incarnation's inception, just like all the events that happened before you were born that somehow have given your existence a shape, like a tree growing thru a fence, like the cosmic resonance that holds an atom together. Close your eyes, breathe the love of the lovers breath and Dream Forever"~ plastic responce rec.

For his new album, Dang Olsen (whose tape you could probably remember from Constellation Tatsu catalog) created a more refined and serene landscape of beautifully arranged patterns of playful melodies, loops, spatial effects and other things which seem to happen not just in headphones or speakers but partially in your head. At least it feels so in like 5 minutes in and further. Elusive vibes which still keep you gliding slowly through the slightly warped visions and exotic sensations. Staying on a bit weirder side than usual new age tape, it's still a pretty nice soundtrack to finding an inner peace and just being there for a while ~ to see that world didn't fell apart while you was out of it.  

• • • 

"Voyage Futur is a project from Vienna, influenced by the valley of the sun, the sounds of the dawn, the ever expanding universe and 80s reverberations."

And to bring you back to earth ~ yet, to a better earth, which may probably seem utopian but will always be real for those who dare to dream and look into the future with an optimism ~ a new album by Voyage Futur whose debut tape on New Atlantis and No Problema labels immediately put the project among the classics of the modern new age music. This album has everything you could ask from ambient music in a time like now ~ serenity, playfulness, dreaming haze of the 80s, percussive vibe of the tropical mirages and, of course, cosmic presence above it all. No wonder it was sold in minutes but we can always hope for a reissue, enjoying the digital files meanwhile. From the arps and pads of Inner Shpere the warmth and hazy light are radiating, creating indeed some kind of capsule or maybe a magical cocoon to take you on a travel through the multiverse, to the possible timelines of our evolution as a species, showing the more harmonious scenarios we may take if we keep raising planetary awareness... Actual as ever and especially now, this mood is set lightly ~ and can be easily shifted towards whatever your soul want actually, and that's the beauty of this records, it lives its own life as an organism so each time you tune in with it, it tells you something new. 

• • •

hope you'll enjoy these tunes,
yours,  piedpaper and the microphones in the trees


Capt. GreenCloud said...

Hi - Thanks so much for your blog - it's been a fantastic source of pleasure over the years - and thanks for this latest post introducing me to some excellent stuff as I sip my morning coffee looking out at the cherry blossoms - Happy Spring!

sumyum said...

I wanna thank you for your blog, it has always been a point of pleasure for me- you always expose me to wonderful music-

Things I've been listening to:
RVG, Rubber Blanket, Lives of Angels, Hits, Lavender Flu

Take care & be safe

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