microphones in the trees: norm chambers

Thursday, November 03, 2022

norm chambers


N Chambers ~  Palms​/​La Mer​/​Horizons (Cosmic Winnetou, 2022)

 "I know where Norm Chambers lives because I have visited him. In his lovely house with a big garden surrounding it. We had a barbeque there, right besides the magic hut. This hut is emitting music since decades. Nobody ever investigated this miracle. Norm just patts his dog and smiles. 

It is time to celebrate norm's outstanding electronic music. now and forever." Günter Schlienz


buen viaje sweet Norm



The Slow Music Movement said...

He was a force for musical good and the world of electronic music is poorer without him, but he left a great body of work for future generations to enjoy.

Songlyrics-Admin said...

Nice Younes From songlyrics

zoeymary80 said...
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