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Thursday, February 01, 2024


torso ~ set out (ozato record, 2019)

Spirits of earth and air push and pull in this set of gloriously rich and involving pieces for flute, cello, sax and tapes.

Some music makes you aware that it is only really made of moving air. Droning or rattling, shaking against your eardrum or snaking past it, sound happens between moving objects and the waiting air. This collection of layered duets between kenji (sax and flute) and Orie (cello), give you exactly that feeling. The Cello, thick and earthy, full of warm resonance, is a hard packed floor for the sunny, glassy flute to move over. While fine details are filled in by glockenspiel, wordless vocals and sympathetic electronics.

If this description (and quick glance at the cover) makes you think you’re about to hear some worthy and ‘good for you’ full fibre improv noodling, think again. Set Out is a deeply addictive record full of stretched, looping melodies informed by indie pop structures and an aching Europe-endless cafe music sadness. Fans of Mama!milk, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Sylvia Tarozzi and Penguin Cafe orchestra take note.  Magic." all night flight

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