microphones in the trees: dolphins of east belgium / edgar wappenhalter

Monday, April 14, 2008

dolphins of east belgium / edgar wappenhalter

"very lookalike action.... Dolphins play the new hyms of the ages. duo consisting of Pulsating in the Eye of Vision and Wietske Van Gils. heavy trance. Edgar Wappenhalter sings the message of the future. he is a member of the Funeral Folk / Silvester Anfang troupe of kindred spirits. secret folkballads, sung for the heart. xerox cover, full color inserts."

"...his side of this split is an absolute smash from beginning to enddroning, smokey ragas smelling like musty Sandy Bull bootlegs, particularly when Sandy plays along to tapes because Wappenhalter's got a tabla thing going here that's just totally in tune. There's a couple of other magnificently minimal solo guitar think-overs and even some nice tunes with dazed, murky female vocals. Elsewhere he peppers a dark acoustic number strangely reminiscent of "Stairway to Heaven" with tightly-wound electronic squeaks, drags out a ghostly bummer of a folk song that sounds like it was sourced from twelfth-generation recordings, and contemporary-sounding death chant-ed loner mantras.

...Dolphins of East Belgium, on the other hand, are a duo featuring members known from releases under the names Wietske Van Gils and Pulsating in the Eye of Vision. What you get is another splended side, this one featuring individual-sized portions of gentle looped drones, generated via synthesizers and keyboards and tape players and the like. At first I was in Kathmandu with Angus MacLise but as the tracks came and went I was even picking up more Spacemen 3 feels, don't ask. Another reference point immediately jumping out was Jefre Cantu-Ledesma's Twonicorn tape..." outer space gamelan

davenport, ben reynolds, dolphins into the future, ...un disco bonito descubierto gracias a Clay Ruby


Anonymous said...

No conocía esta cinta.
La compro seguro, ambos artistas me gustan mucho.

Relacionado con Clay Ruby y 23 productions, recomiendo en Weirdo esta cinta:
Maths Balance Volumes "Hellspit" (MBV) Clay on violin, noise $4

Y hay otro cdr muy bueno también:
Maths Balance Volumes "Black Husk"

Este disco siempre me ha gustado mucho: http://www.23productions.net/artistMaths.htm

Y Clay Ruby es la bomba, el nuevo proyecto Burial Hex me gusta mucho, es muy oscuro:

Dolphins of east belgium, creo que es lo mismo que ahora Dolphins into the future,
y es música de Lieven, el que lleva el sello Bread and Animals.

De Edgar Wappenhalter me he comprado hace poco en Eclipse, una cinta que se editó en el difunto sello Imvated, y que luego se transformó en Bread and Animals, (aunque en medio de eso hubo dos sellos con nombres distintos),
pero tanto Invated como los otros, vienen a ser lo mismo.

El mes pasado, antes de irse Lieven de gira con The Skaters, me compré un triple cd de Uton, editado en Bread and Animals, que es muy bueno, aunque viene en una carpeta demasiado simple, pero el disco es muy bueno.

Novedades de Bread and Animals para la vuelta de la gira con The Skaters, el 27 de abril, aunque tal vez ya estén agotadas algunas...:

> auk theatre - the collection of the late howell bend "s/t" c30
> the hell raiders "s/t" c40
> muntjac "warp" c40
> oneohtrix point never "transmat memories" c35
> afternoon penis "i want you to write" c35
> dolphins into the future "Voyage series" c50
> uton "pearls and dust" 3cd + 28page booklet
> + restock of kraus "the facts" c30
> read on for full descriptions and background information.
> c30 / 5eur
> an expanded listening session that breaths towards visions of KORLA
> PANDIT, TOM DISSEVELT, and early 1900's fair / carnival folklore.
> two tracks contain the aural documentation of the wanderers of the
> THEATRE. check out their beautiful visions of the parallel
> continent on
> the Ubu Web archives (http://www.ubuweb.com/film/moon.html). two
> tracks
> from the COLLECTION, another project of Auk Theatre mind IRENE
> MOON. a
> beautiful blend of organ tunes and more introspective signals.
> *** ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER "transmat memories" / c35 / 5eur
> this audio tape is a leaked document of the MONTAUK research group.
> DANIEL LOPATIN has been sent over to 6037 A.D. and these are his
> interpretations of the inscriptions of the pedestal on wich he saw
> the
> golden horse. in another time-track, Daniel is also known as Duncan.
> these are smooth 80's conspiracy tech vibes. space bleeps. sequencer
> waves wich would give PETER BAUMANN the goosebumps. and polysynths
> and
> electronic thunder storm that will keep the thought of BERNARD
> alive. this is awesome! O.P.N. also plays in INFINITY WINDOW,
> together
> with BLACK EGG Taylor, and is a member of the space research pod
> *** AFTERNOON PENIS "i want you to write" / c35 / 5eur
> Nate from MOUTHUS / RELIGIOUS KNIVES. this cassette is a two sided
> scenario. side a is the seeker, about to discover a new path. side
> b is
> the thinker, about to interact with new information. this is the
> smoked
> out entity of an encounter....
> *** THE HELL RAIDERS "s/t" / c40 / 3eur
> spaced out synth tunes. electronic grooves. gunshots. mood setting
> ambience. and random conversations about freedom and beyond. THE HELL
> RAIDERS is a tribute to nature, freedom, sweet synth sounds, vhs
> messages and photoshop thinkers. this is part of our ongoing CULTURAL
> *** DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE "Voyage series" / c50 / 5eur
> another chapter in the series of VOYAGE (part one will be released on
> Skulls Of Heaven, part two on Pacific City). several languages are
> spoken on the VOYAGE albums. based on the inspiration of DAY 3: THE
> GIFT, this album combines tape collages, new gamelan music,
> synthesizer
> music, more ambient ocean modes and percussion music.
> *** MUNTJAC "warp" / c40 / 3.50euros wholesale
> Paul Grimes, member of the now defunct DEATH CHANTS walks a
> surprisingly
> personal path on this album. very outside the common psychedelic
> genre
> he draws a path of his own. on WARP, Grimes scrapes together a
> faboulous
> blend of easy listening, light marbles and more retro space tunes.
> a hot
> mix of elements of KITARO, JOE MEEK, and even some hits of an
> introspective DENNIS WIZE. fantastic stuff for the upcoming summer
> hangovers.
> *** UTON "pearls and dust" / 3cd + booklet / 17eur
> disc one is a capture of the Uton live speech and riddle. disc two
> is a
> reissue of the mysterious Uton tape on the back then still mysterious
> Sloow Tapes from coded B.D.P. (released in 2005). disc three is the
> mosaic of different strange Uton sound and content. 28 pages of full
> color UTON eye candy embraces these 3 discs of freedom. this is a
> private peek in the memory of JANI HIRVONEN. a dive in the hole in
> time.
> these are the books of HIRVONEN, one of the first seekers of truth in
> the modern take on introspection. a post 2000 view on things, that
> feeds
> hapilly into the bucket of post 1965. an imagenery of things to do
> when
> nearing a vortex.
> *** KRAUS "the facts" / c30 / 5eur
> RESTOCK!! a 30 minutes book on tape. Kraus, drumpad for acts like THE
> AESTHETICS and THE FUTURIANS, gives the humble an insight to his
> path of
> life. from deep listening spacesounds towards bubbly synth
> excursions:
> this is a unique vision. Pat Kraus manages to sound like the BBC
> the minds of alien creatures. this is truly my imaginary BAD CHANNELS
> OST. currently, Pat is working at an lp for ULTRA ECZEMA, because
> society wants more....
> STILL AVAILABLE (in limited quantities):
> *** FRICARA PACCHU "kleinstein & co." / C-30 / 5euros wholesale
> BACK IN STOCK!! the concept of Space-Time Continuum is your
> guideline to
> understand the mind of a genius. Kevin Regan is an active member of
> classic jamteams AVARUS and MANIACS DREAM, and is one of the
> sorcerers
> behind Finland dbl burgers of joy LALLALLAL. taste the sweetness
> of this
> masterpiece of brainletuce. listen to the world of deep space
> impact and
> inter galactic communication. understand the new future.... a future
> that never sounded so clear.
> Kleinstein & Co is part of the F.P. trilogy of life, of which the two
> other albums were released on LALLALLAL (Waydom & Space Puppet).
> also,
> FONAL recently released a 7" and 40+ pages bookset by Kevin, entitled
> "stories of the old". plus, a brandnew cd is coming up real soon
> on the
> LALLALLAL drive-in recordlabel! awesome....
> *** HENRY KUNTZ "speed of culture light" / 4xC-60 / 18euros wholesale
> an insight in the light of a free spirit. in the 70's, Henry was the
> editor and publisher of the internationally acclaimed newletter
> his first musical output dates from 1977, when he played tenor
> saxophone
> on HENRY KAISER's album Ice Death. since the early 80's, Henry
> started
> to focus on solo music, using instruments like saxophone, flutes,
> musette, violins, gamelan, rhaita, etc. in 1986, he formed the
> free jazz
> troupe OPEYE. Henry ran the beautiful HUMMING BIRDS recordlabel, on
> which he produced several lp's, cassettes and cd releases of solo and
> group improvisations. Speed Of Culture Light is a retrospective
> boxset
> (with material ranging from 1980 until present day) and shows a
> wide and
> varied collection of free jazz jams, solo improvisations and
> beautiful
> 6-track meditations.
> in 2008, we will release a compilation album of the HUMMING BIRD
> SERIES cassettes, wich was a series of 5 ethnographic tapes
> recorded by
> Henry in Bali, Mexico, Bolivia, and Guatemala between 1985 and 1991.
> *** GAS SHEPERDS "s/t" / C-20 / 5euros wholesale
> english autodidacts and "musique concrète" sources GAS SHEPERDS. two
> Birmingham druids that speak their language with an odd dialect. the
> usual "disability" remark is not that far away, when checking in
> on this
> universe of the Gas. these nutters communicate strange bubbles and
> sweaty fidelics in wheelchairs. recently used as an alternative
> soundtrack for multi-media vision ARCADE. this bag of hash
> mysteries is
> about to send your life in new directions....
> POD BLOTZ cs: suzy transmisson
> PARTKDOLG cs: green fluxus dad of brussels
> MATHS BALANCES VOLUMES cs: fantasy in orbit
> AAN / DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE cs: john c lillies
> EARTH SERIES COMPILATION cs: traditional and ritual music from
> Mexico,
> Guatemala, Bolivia and Bali, recorded by Henry Kuntz
> TOMUTONTTU 7": modern day composer sounds
> ORPHAN FAIRYTALE cs: a collection of her "chamber music" works
> ...

Anonymous said...

22 Jan 07 - Cassette
Out now on Cauliflower Dreams (sello creado después de Invated y antes que Bread and Animals):

"Very lookalike action.... DOLPHINS play the new hyms of the ages. duo consisting of PULSATING IN THE EYE OF VISION and WIETSKE VAN GILS. heavy trance. EDGAR W sings the message of the future. he is a member of the FUNERAL FOLK / SILVESTER ANFANG troupe of kindred spirits. secret folkballads, sung for the heart. xerox cover, full color inserts."

Anonymous said...


YGR 10
CD-R + TAPE - - 33 copies (6€)


Anonymous said...

Alucinante descubrimiento!!!:


Anonymous said...

una tocadita por radio de charalambides:


Little Turtle said...

bonita portada!

sale una tortuguita :)

Little Turtle said...

El novio hippie de natalie portman

Anonymous said...

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ana said...

suso, gracias por toda la avalancha de noticias y referencias. estoy escuchando todo lo referente a dolphins, dos cassetes de momento, y me encanta.

conocí a a Edgar gracias a Clay Ruby, me preguntó precisamente por la cinta que tú tienes a través del soulseek :)

hola brian, la verdad es que choca, o no tanto..., lo de devendra :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell me if you re-upload it.
E-mail: youbleedwesmile[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Anonymous said...