microphones in the trees: the cherry blossoms

Saturday, June 07, 2008

the cherry blossoms

"This Nashville collective long shunned the notion that music is something to be consumed, preferring the communal experience of the live show. John Allingham, Peggy Snow and/or Laura-Matter Fukushima, Allen Lowrey, Chris Davis, Chuck Hatcher, Taylor Martin, Aaron Russell, Beth Matter have been playing as The Cherry Blossoms for almost 15 years, making loose folk that sounds like a combination of Harry Smith and Sun Ra. Finally, seven years after laying songs to tape, they got around to releasing their debut album this summer, with the help of six different labels, and it's easily the most unapologetically joyous recording I've heard and enjoyed in some time." dusted

"Mind-bending lp from Nashville's number one clatter-folk band. Listening to this record is like listening into the slipstream of general music conciousness. Sure, it was recorded a number of years ago, but the music still has a vitality that is completely unique in today's sonic landscape. This is truly timeless music that resides on the edge of collapse without actually snapping the tether, like some of the best historic rollercoasters now in disrepair. Nothing too flashy about this rickety ride, just some good, honest, fun. Beautiful cover art by Peggy Snow" apostasy

"This thing has 12 songs and every single one is a gem ~ I love the two Allingham songs with "rock" in the title, "Rockin' Rocket Ship" and "Rocks and Stones" and Snow's great ones include "The Mighty Mississippi," "Golden Windows," and "The Wind Did Blow," which is so nice it almost sounds like what woulda happened if the Velvet Underground had just had Mo Tucker sing the ballads on their first album instead of Nico, after inviting the Holy Modal Rounders' Indian War Whoop lineup to sit in of course. There's even a Blue Oyster Cult cover. Kudos all around ~ now the only question is where is the Arizona Drains vinyl?" blastitude

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