microphones in the trees: david a. jaycock

Sunday, June 29, 2008

david a. jaycock

"new solo outing from big eyes family players' david a. jaycock. named after a hitchcock-esque nightmare in which he was set upon by a pair of hard-winged, marauding cuckoos, david a jaycock's second album is step forward from the pastoral motifs of his debut, incorporating an expansive country-folk sound alongside the indigenous qualities and general oddness that have made his name. taking inspiration from players such as segovia and john fahey, there are drones, waltzes, dirges, sea shanties, dissonances, bells, european flavours and the sound of ghostly train journeys. “Some longer songs, some shorter songs, some singing songs”, explains David, “sinister fairground melodies, Spanish preludes, improvised laments…" woven wheat whispers


Arturo Grijalva said...

Sin duda alguna de los mejores blogs que e conocido.
Muchisimas gracias por todo lo que has puesto.
Te invito a pasar por el Blog, que si bien no subimos mucho material parecido, pues algo debe haber.

Anonymous said...

Excellent album!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hola desde Chile. Muchas gracias por toda la buena música que han subido al blog.

Podrías por favor resubir este álbum.