microphones in the trees: clothed in moss

Monday, November 03, 2008

clothed in moss

01. capable of murder ~ christina carter
02. a bolt cannot turn them back ~ head of wantastiquet
03. tiny lights ~ feathers
04. dharma ~ we wait for the snow
05. this is the spade that descends ~ head of wantastiquet
06. blue werewolf with rainbow eyes ~ the golden oaks
07. halloween is black as night ~ jackson c. frank
08. never know now ~ keijo
09. brigidine ~ shoreline
10. interlude ~ david thomas broughton
11. evening call ~ jani hellen
12. how to catch a lizard ~ larkin grimm
13. qué he sacado con quererte ~ violeta parra
14. clothed in moss and hoary frost ~ the golden oaks
15. jubeltane ~ shoreline
16. dance of the honey bees ~ pantaleimon
17. standing horses ~ rio en medio
18. first there came a letter ~ milton cross
19. dusty train ~ the end springs & a man and a guitar
20. cavaquinho ~ luiz bonfa & maría toledo
21. midnight blues ~ liz green


Anonymous said...

lovely : )

Anonymous said...

liz green is gooooood ) thanx you, Liz Green

Melodía chaska said...

hola!tengo una foto muy linda que puedes usarla para algunos de tus compis. enviame un mail para poder mandartela!
abrazo fraterno de mi.

Anonymous said...

thanks for everthing, any chance of finding Natural Snow Buildings - The Winter Ray disc??? thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog is awesome !

Only point, could you please post as "put together" archives those old VA's you linked to, song by song ? Would be fantastic.

Thanks for the all the work

D-Zoom Banda said...

Increible gusto!, gracias!

Anonymous said...

aaaaaah!! ^^me fascina tu blog T-T cuando la arrogante vida se niega a sonreírme vengo a tu blog y tu blog sonríe bien natural, gracias!

Pilgrim Jake said...


Wonderful compilations.

Here is a compilation of work from my home town - Melbourne. I think it would fit the musical tastes of folks who come here - Post up if you like.
"Under the hill - The quiet folks of Northcote"

Dload -

Album covers here

Anonymous said...

You do such wonderful mixes!

Thank you again. :)

Brett said...

fantasic mix!!!!

ana said...

i'm glad you like the compilations :)

pilgrim jake, yours is really nice, i like it!

the old compilatios you want i upload together again are almost done, maybe today or tomorrow you'll can download them all

Pilgrim Jake said...

You're welcome Ana,

I've been delighting in yours for a while, and thought you might like. You have used Sodastream tracks before so thought it wouldnt be too far from the mark. Most of these acts are live and lpaying now. And I was there for the last sodastream - a very sad night.
Look me up if you ever make it to Melbourne, Oz, as there are always wonderful gigs on.

toy said...

Your mixes always make me smile. Thank you, thank you :)