microphones in the trees: higuma

Monday, November 10, 2008


"Higuma is Evan Caminiti (of Barn Owl) & Lisa McGee. Cast in a dark space in SF, Haze Valley holds rather true to its name, filling the edges with smoked out vocals, guitar delays and any number of drone layered acoustics. Very much a distant sound, with distortions burnished down to smooth horizontal planes that lift the music to higher summits. Not at all dissimilar from some of Barn Owl's recent excursions, but with the addition of Lisa's vocals, this goes somewhere else completely. Offset printed sleeve with silver on white." root strata

"Haze Valley" is a totally perfect autumn bummer. Crystal drones and bones to soak up all that smoke you've been exhaling. " brad rose

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tek said...

i know you dudes are takin a break sorta- but if you don't reup this i doubt i'll ever hear it.