microphones in the trees: caethua

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


"...my stepfather, Robley Wilson, is an amazing poet, and a wonderful man. i wanted him to understand how important his words are to me, but also to collaborate with him, so i rearranged/adapted one of his poems to music. but there's also this deep cavern within me that is constantly trying to figure out manhood, my own and everyone else's. and so i thought i'd try to articulate that cave with "The Pleasures of Manhood." clare hubbard en foxy digitalis

"Caethua is Clare Hubbard, traveling songstress, multi-instrumentalist, and general exceptional artist and person. On the Pleasures of Manhood Clare gives tribute to her stepfather poet Robley Conant Wilson on this elegant tape of reverb soaked folk gems. One of Night-Peoples highest fidelity and most considered releases yet, The Pleasures of Manhood, has an uplifting but somber side that allows the feeling of Clare’s excellent vocals and playing to shine through." night people

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Anonymous said...

soundsd gorgeous - thank you

Mr B