microphones in the trees: Ø+yn

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"This is Ø +yn (puede prununciarse omasín u ómásín u o + in u omas omasin o +in o+yn omasin también): a group formed by Gustavo Valerga, María Victoria Arener, Pablo Picco and César Young. Four people from different parts of the country mixed together in Córdoba.

Recorded in 2007 and mixed this year, ¨La canción del ciempiés¨ comes from the same recording sessions of ¨Copa de un árbol sin raíz¨.

Vocals are mostly throat singing by María Victoria, Gustavo makes all the guitar walls, César does the drumming and Pablo the keyboards & flutes. Spectral melodies in second track ¨Quise ser búho¨, sung by the special quest, our friend Gubia from Ecuador. Long minutes of electric static after some thick guitar and keyboard barriers, mixed with tons of voices, just to uncannily land in some woods near home, calmly hypnotized by some hand made stick flutes. We like folk, we like drone, we like to hit electric guitars, we like overtone singing and we like the trees that cover us at night. Just sit back there and enjoy the music from the heart of the centipede." Ø +yn

foto: daytrips

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