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Friday, April 10, 2009

pekko käppi

pekko käppi - jos ken pahoin uneksii (peippo, 2007)

"A small group of players have made the Finnish traditional horse hair lyre jouhikko visible again after many decades of silence. One of the most original jouhikko players is Pekko Käppi (from groups as Kiila, Vilddas, Lau Nau, Avarus, Päivänsäde, Äijä and Office Building) who has transformed the tradition to a wholly own music. His influences come mainly from Finnish folk- and song tradition, but also the North American root music as well as Russian and Siberian indigenous music go through a metamorphosis in his hands. "Jos ken pahoin uneksii" (Peippo 2007) is Käppi’s first long album. It has a little bit less the melancholic, slow jouhikko ambience than the earlier releases. Instead, Käppi concentrates on the rock side of life and starts the record with a beat that goes on like a steam train. It’s clear that Pekko Käppi is a virtuoso jouhikko player and his intensive style to accompany his beautiful singing voice is impressive. No one else has ever made a record that would combine jouhikko music to folkrock, song tradition from other cultures, old gospels and psychedelia. From time to time the rhythms remind of krautrock or roots music and then again his music jumps to such beautiful, floating layers of jouhikko playing and singing that the listener hopes that the world would stop right there."



sexy said...







caracola de mar said...

pekko käppi es calor humano... en su música i feel so safe :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this! Just yesterday was sitting and thinking of buying it straight from Peippo. The problem is I'm totally broke at the moment. Now at least I can listen and enjoy. Going to buy it anyway. And your blog in general is just awesome!!! Lots of love.

rafa said...

caracolia además de la música él es de lo más entrañable que he conocido en el mundillo musical. cuando vino con kiila tuve la suerte de poder charlar un rato con él, recuerdo que le regalé un apenino & raro, dijo que lo difundiría por finlandia :)))

pekko es paz

much love for you atleastwehope!!

Anonymous said...

god damn hillbillies! playing barefoot !

j/k, thanks for the post.


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rafa said...

j/k thanks to you :)

salvador!! ah!!

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