microphones in the trees: magneticring & osama 'sam' shalabi

Monday, April 27, 2009

magneticring & osama 'sam' shalabi

"Second in line is Magneticring & Sam Shalabi, a sublime marriage of Sam's oud and the ems synthi of Magneticring. Psych gnostics are already familiar with these two, whether it is Sam's longtime maple psych outfit Shalabi Effect and the newly initiated Land of Kush orchestra ; or Magneticring's solo synth wanderings on uzu audio, Heavy Tapes, or the countless other incarnations and sideman roles he's played over the years (Von Bingen, Jackie O Motherfucker, Samara Lubelski). The music here, simply put, is sublime. Synthi floats around the oud like a stoned cobra rising from a wicker basket to strike the sun." feed & seed

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muuuu de muy special