microphones in the trees: second family band

Sunday, July 26, 2009

second family band

"Second Family Band, had to happen... Let's take things to the Eye-Lands! Tropical breeze bass lines and a sunset vibe definitely rule this release. We know! We know! It's all the rage right. Well... we did what we did and now we gotta let you have it. Would it help if we let you know it just kinda happened? I mean, you can't plan these kinda jams right? Hey! I said Pina Colada not Ayuasca! Come aboard... we're expecting you..." earjerk

foto: litherland


Anonymous said...

thanks for this, any other releases on earjerk? changing suns, east to west, weird sword, the eternal lag? i dont have a cassette player. thanks for all your post.

Anonymous said...

"i dont have a cassette player."

Not yet converted? Still diggin digital? Check our SFB cd-r reissue series.

SFB - Phasis - cdr - 99 copies

SFB - When We Are Gone - cdr - 99 copies

SFB - Eternal Lag / Our Way is the Right Way -cdr - 99 copies

Order all three cdr's and receive a bonus SFB family jams cdr!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info, will check these out

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