microphones in the trees: book of shadows

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

book of shadows

"Medicinal plants, strange berries, thick pollen, and brown dirt. Hailing from Texas, the Book of Shadows live in the soil trodden on by Jandek and Charalambides, sprouting from those voices, those guitar sounds. This secretgarden will grow on you, it's roots will envelope you, it's beauty overwelm you. Alternating between composition and improvisation the guitars echo down like the rain, drones warm the ground, thorny notes scrape up against the fragile skin of Sharon Crutcher's voice. Water your minds, shine from behind your eyes." folkwaste


Ornelia Cabrera said...

Is that true? Are there microphones in the trees?

Nice work.

ana said...

thanks ornelia and anonymous! i promise that i will put sfb...someday :)

mar said...

imposible no pensar en christina carter al escuchar a sharon crutcher... al arte es precioso, quiero tenerlo en mis manos, olerlo y entonces sí perderse como dios manda... con todo el paquete :)

gracialas, ponita... me estoy poniendo al día y me siento encantHada... *

Anonymous said...

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