microphones in the trees: kutomo

Thursday, October 08, 2009


"Kutomo is probably the Finnish project that,in the last years, has best embodied the feeling of his mother land. In his music lives all the poetry about the cold, the lakes and the immense Finnish forests. Melancholy and intimate as a day passed looking at the snow falling outside a window but also, in a certan way, "ephic" as the natural landscapes of his land." dala horse

photo: jon edwards

*the second release of the label is available here. Lidia has done an awesome job.


disconcerted said...

Totally beat you to something (for once - makes a nice change).

Would highly recommend the Richard Moult disc, one of the nicest this year. Lovely solo piano and great packaging.

ana said...

madre mía. es lo único que puedo decir :)

rafa said...

dios mío