microphones in the trees: sylvester anfang II

Monday, March 15, 2010

sylvester anfang II

"a new slab of tranced out psychotic psychedelia from the occult loving Belgium based clan. This new incarnation being Sylvester Anfang II reached a new level of awesomeness last year with the incredible double LP on Aurora Borealis, on Commume Cassetten they continue their bizarre trip into the darker, but somehow super psychedelic, realm of the occult obsessed mind. There's a real fucked up krautrock boogie vibe throughout but retaining some of the doomed funeral folk qualities of the original Anfang guise, as well as some loose as hell, total stoned out ritualistic baked grooves..." blackest rainbow


d a said...

hi ana,
could you please reupload CD6 track #4 from that PM50 box set please?
the Super Mineral track 4 is corrupted.

many thanks before!

ana said...

yes, i've upoaded yet
super minerals cd6 complete
and the super minerals single song 'daleth'

Anonymous said...

track 6 is corrupted...reupload please!!!

Anonymous said...

y yo me llamaba pitusa pedichona??

veo que por aquí hay más pedichones que yo :-) jeje

la golden

Anonymous said...


i don't know if it is a common problem but the 6th track of 'commune cassetten' is corrupted

it would be nice if you could upload it again


Anonymous said...

heya Ana,

It's the corrupted data curse !

Maybe you could include some recovery in your archives ?
3% usually does the trick.

Anyway, thanks for the upload, hoping this one will be corrected too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,

I found a working archive of that album at Dreamcatcher Earring's blog
Here's the link, I hope you don't mind I post it here.

Anonymous said...

thanks mate
it works just fine!