microphones in the trees: mv & ee

Thursday, May 13, 2010

mv & ee

"The always prolific Matt Valentine & Erika Elder are back at it with the debut 7-inch on Electric Temple Records, Sweetheart of the Nascar. Rising from the depths of the grass-roots, free-riding psychedelic underground, MV&EE provide the nighttime companion over two midnight-oil burning tracks to their recent masterwork for Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, Barn Nova. The A-Side title-track, “Sweetheart of the Nascar” is perhaps one of the duo’s heaviest tracks to date, pushing the threshold of Rust Never Sleeps-era Neil Young into sludge metal meets Mark Hollis ambience. The b-side, “Crow Jane Variations” is a slow-burner featuring Erika Elder’s reverb-drenched echoes behind a wash of lap-steel guitar and minor-key rustic psychedelic vibes. The inventive technique is highlighted on “Sweetheart of the Nascar” with two drummers playing – one in the left channel, one in the right, spread across a gorgeous stereo-pan." electric temple


adrián said...

bajando está, esperazando estoy con la crítica y la salida de ectatic peace! :)

ana said...

crow jane variations es mágica, la voz de erika repitiendo crow jane crow jane es indescriptible...filed under mv&eearefloatinginspace :)

rafa said...

tendrá algo que ver con el crow jane de skip james?