microphones in the trees: pajaritos urbanos | urban birds

Friday, May 07, 2010

pajaritos urbanos | urban birds

"The Project: Handing out harmonicas to people who are begging on the streets of Bogotá (Colombia), providing them with the means and knowledge to contribute some beauty.

The Idea: Changing the way of earning an income from begging for money to playing music. This is an advantage for both the person begging and the passer-by. The person playing will most likely gain more money than he did begging. More importantly though: he gains in self-respect. Self-respect and respect from the other because now, instead of just asking for money without returning anything, he's working for pay, contributing to society and trading mere survival for creation. The passer-by will get something in return for the money he gives and city-life becomes a little more sweet when there's a harmonious melody breaking through the smog." wouter buyst


:)) croac!

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los ángeles existen