microphones in the trees: gkfoes vjgoaf

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gkfoes vjgoaf

"Light Weaving is a way of imagining the universe. It is the oneness of all things and the constellations that we use to engage with the world. The music of Light Weaving is building things into nothing. Ebb and flow. These are autostereogram-like sounds for all seasons, unfocus your ears and take in what's really happening... Specifically though, it is a set of live instances recorded in my parents' living room and reorganized on tape in June 2010." sean/gkfoes vjgoaf

artwork by sean conrad/gkfoes

nos encanta sean conrad, sus títulos, sus portadas, sus fotos, las fotos de w. moses, campfire, la playa en la cima de la montaña, su generosidad,  y su música. celebration into the light. de cuando las alegrías musicales acompañan a las alegrías personales


la venadita said...

nos encantalas ciertamente... me elevo :)

ace of tapes said...
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ace of tapes said...

cool, thanx guys.