microphones in the trees: starcircleanatomy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"it's fucked up; it's a rainbow is a tape of some of the songs izaak wrote in 2008. they are kind of about how going away can show you new stuff but won't really fix anything that's wrong or weird and how that all works out. 9 tracks: some sung songs and some weird sounds. about half and half" ace of tapes

"...i am the child of two computers and cannot feel. born into weakness, not knowing that i might live forever, tapping the rhythms of a dry, dead america, singing the empty songs of protest against it, charting the stars above its lighted plain, making my own stories in that dark escape, hoping to find a voice up there, somebody to tell me that i could be more than my mind lets me. not my mind really. it's something else that thinks for me, pilots my mouth and my hands, something in everyone i know that owns me and them together, a slick aggregate of experience and fashion and the points where our bodies touch and when our words meet in the air and someone understands what i meant. i feel it when i breathe alone. i feel it through and decide it isn't real..." izaak starcircleanatomy

foto: jess gough


ana said...

enganchada a still
(jewelled antler, mount eerie, cursillistas, stag hare, young prayer...)

mar said...

enganchada a dd6021208, still, ufff... todo el disco es tan inspirador...le has escogido una fotola perfecta... larga vida a ace of tapes ^.^

dagless md said...

real real bad name for the tape
and the rest actually

right thurr said...

this tape is AWESOME. so is the rest of his stuff.
bummer you dont like the name dagless...i think its a pretty great.
the rest of it....even better.