microphones in the trees: head of wantastiquet

Sunday, October 10, 2010

head of wantastiquet

"Head Of Wantastiquet is the alter ego of Paul Labrecque, an American musician, songwriter now residing in Belgium. He has recorded with Chris Corsano and Valerie Webb, and he plays and records with the bohemian group Sunburned Hand Of the Man. Historically, aesthetically and sonically his new work bears genuinely comparison with merican primitivism', a mix of psychedelic banjo hymns, apocalyptic space folk and incredible drugged out soul-whispers. It layers banjos, guitars and smoke as though they were shimmering veins of black pearls, pulsing against the scarlet dawn." conspiracy
"...we need to learn how to fly. The birds know it. The albatross, as if painting a flawless hyper-realistic seascape, crosses the ocean without rippling the water. Slow-motion. With a wingspan of 340 cm, wider than any other bird in the world, he can float almost without flapping his wings. It is easy to imagine him dying of old age while flying and after some period of decay still having it's skeleton carried along by rising air-streams. Somewhere, over the ocean, there must be a sort of air- suspended bird sanctuary where all the albatrosses gather to die when they know their time has come; a flock of soaring skeletons.."

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