microphones in the trees: secret birds

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

secret birds

"Mind-altering drone and psychedelic noise journeys here by Brisbane, Queensland native D. Black aka Secret Birds, currently residing in Tokyo, who returns with his sophomore full-length Peace Forest later this month. The four-track cassette is a breathless exploration into meandering soundscapes made up of distorted guitar drones, heavy layers of synth and restless, tropical drum machine trances, somewhere between Sun Araw, High Wolf and Ducktails, according to the artist “inspired by night rides around Shibuya“. Hot and sultry these nights were, we assume. The tape is absolutely mesmerizing stuff from start to finish. Highly recommended." no fear of pop

tons of luck to dan with his label bon voyage, "the label specialises short-run limited editions, taking in psychedelia, lo-fi, noise, avant-pop and everything good that defies definition,
from Australia and across the sea"
check it out!

fotola: reuben wu

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