microphones in the trees: tsembla

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 tsembla ~ fauna (ikuisuus 2011)

"The Turku-based Marja Johansson aka Tsembla use traditional acoustic and electric instrumentation to create oddly affecting folk miniatures that combine the scrabbly forest-folk sound of Kuupuu, Lau Nau, with nostalgic keyboards and variously displaced sonics." volcanic tongue

"Decay and copulation rites flourish around a trash raft that fish take for a coral reef. The sun blinds your eyes, but you can see a figure there... And in the desert, wind, erosion and echoes work the surroundings of Poly Styrene’s ex-hang-out, an oasis filled with lively people and empty beer cans. Ornamental carpets and fresh water, too. There it is again! It’s Tsembla playing her modified samples, strings, reeds, percussion and the whole range of modern psych instruments to create fiestas with strong twists of pop music. Sounds old and new and like nothing you’ve ever heard before." n~m

"...this is perfect music for those staring at the sun" flow festival

fotos: sara gossett


ana said...

aah! habemus feed (gracias a adrianus-aldea f :)

mar said...

para enloquecer de buena manera