microphones in the trees: breaking bad

Sunday, October 16, 2011

breaking bad

"...I believe that actors love to act and sometimes what we miss is what is in between the words and what is in the silence. I chose to create this character in a minimalist way. I chose to give him a quiet, deadly calm. He really allows himself to be present and really it's like a self-study, in a way. He is a very, very good listener. For an actor, it can be more effective to work on one thing, not two or three things and do that one thing well, and then sometimes the flower opens in a very different way.
For me, it was to cultivate stillness and calm. It's hard for me also to use the word villain, because I think he is a real human being who really does care, but it was a really wonderful and a great challenge to drop myself to a point where I wasn't forcing anything. Everything came out of an organic place. It has been not only a wonderful exercise, but I think the fruits of my labor have shown because people have gotten him and are enjoying this character in a monumental way." giancarlo esposito aka gustavo 'gus' fring


mj said...

gus is terrifying!

rafa said...

así no vale

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