microphones in the trees: adam torres

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

adam torres

"Adam Torres is a melanchonlic singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. these home recordings are naturally bathed in a light and lush low-fidelity aesthetic, warm melodies featuring the honest acoustics akin to the styles of Nick Drake. the tape includes seven of Adam's wholly heartfelt songs professionally dubbed and pressed on ruby-red shells, limited to 50 copies." dz tapes

"Adam has a very old soul and it’s pretty evident that it is working it’s way down into his music. the pastoral imagery combined with Adam’s gentle guitar plucking and tender falsetto create a comforting atmosphere akin to the feeling I get when I listen to John Denver." cactus~mouth

"the Spanish term, Duende, coined by Garcia Lorca comes to mind. some people just have this thing. It’s that inherent sadness that stops us in our tracks to commune with the glory and hope of our own selves. at Haffa’s, the local record store in Athens, Ohio, I once found the clerk with his head in his arms at the counter, listening to Adam’s music. when he saw me, we both laughed, knowing that we were well taken care of." miles down records

sonar atemporal es algo que se tiene o no se tiene y no hay forma de definirlo o capturarlo o retenerlo...y adam torres, trovador campechano donde los haya, lo tiene. música triste para sonreir de felicidad, sin apenas producción, nostálgica...para definirla se citan referencias como nick drake o john denver, pero a quien más me recuerda es, además de a david lannan, a la melancolía infinita de 'blues run de game' de jackson c. frank, que se refleja de forma especial en 'mountain river', la canción que abre el disco: una melodía que suena clásica e íntima, acorde con la letra, mecida por la bonita voz de adam torres, una guitarra acústica y una atmósfera de otro planeta (¿el planeta oklahoma soul/torch songs?)

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