microphones in the trees: mattia coletti

Saturday, July 07, 2012

mattia coletti

"The Land is Mattia Coletti’s new album, after the first solo album Zeno, Zeno Submarine and Pantagruele. Recently, even a 7 “shared with Comaneci and Japan’s Muffin, published in 2010 by the american North Pole Records

Produced by Wallace in collaboration with Bloody Sound Fucktory and Towntone, The Land is a mature record that comes after years of concerts around the world. The Land sums up a basic primitive blues, elegant and simple, with a refined taste for details, a constant game of mirrors between the guitars. Avant folk or ritual blues, or more simply: never ostentatious melody which merges with a psychedelic background. The Land is a distant land, timeless." wallace

"After his first visit to Japan in Fall '06 as a member of the experimental noise duo, Polvere, Mattia Colleti returned to Japan in Fall '07 for his own solo tour. Making his way across Japan, he played shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Nagano, Kobe, Yamagata, and Kamakura among others. TownTone is proud to offer what could be called the culmination of Mattia's musical genius, his newest album "Zeno Submarine". Don't miss the chance to experience this primitive, folksy yet freaky masterpiece." towntone

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