microphones in the trees: branches

Monday, March 24, 2014


"Branches is the musical alter ego of Portuguese Pedro Rios. his most recent project, "Casa Nossa", was recorded mostly over the course of 2013 at his home in Porto. in this new album, we can follow Branches' further quest for the pacifying vistas which were already present in "Ninguém É Como Tu" (considered one of the best cassette releases of 2012 by Impose Magazine). there is a new sense of peace and restraint in tracks like "Inspirar", but also hidden ghost rhythms in pieces like "Yuzu #2", an homage to a Japanese fruit, and exotic guitar parties. this is in fact the first time Mouca releases an album by a Portuguese artist, and we are convinced its magic will safely accompany you through the rest of the winter." mouca

verano sin fin, sol a borbotones, cruceros y martinis, fruta japonesa, efervescente, burbujeante, exótico, Parasails, Ducktails, Fluorescent Heights... no hay medicinas ni vitaminas en el mundo que curen más la astenia primaveral que canciones como 'casa nossa', 'despois do mar o 'rumo ao futuro'. canciones que brillan incluso en lunes. tan tan bonitas.

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