microphones in the trees: phipps pt.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

phipps pt.

"we at Sanity Muffin deam this album one of our favorite releases to date, beautiful, beautiful beautiful))) Lovage's voice and song structures are beyond original, textural and transforming... such a beautiful treasure and perfect in every way on cassette."

"we've been in a constant state of glowing bliss ever since we first pressed play on this collection of beautiful psychedelic folk songs by Oakland's (by way of Canada) Phipps Pt. glistening vocals drenched in sheets of intoxicating reverb melt perfectly into majestic guitar shimmer and subtle keyboard textures. we're reminded of one of our favorite UK psych folk artists Pantaleimon, as Lovage (aka Phipps Pt.) has the same kind of voice, all dreamy but with a distinctly dark disposition. It's easy to imagine Current 93 joining forces with Phipps. Pt., the sounds on Kiss melting in a haze dripping with endless warmth. this is such a rewarding and engulfing listen. we could go on and on about how much we love this, but we got the last 8 of these in existence, so chances are this will likely be gone before you've finished reading these words. we can't wait to hear what she does next!." aquarius

qué bien Myriam Gendron (letras de Dorothy Parker, un poquito de Nina Nastasia y otro poco de Sybille Baier) y Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (tanto tiempo esperando a que Jasmine Dreame Wagner diera una señal de vida). pero Lovage Sharrock me tumba. Caethua, Pocahaunted, Itasca, Edison Woods, Christina Carter (mucho mucho), y aún así diferente a todas. una canción: 'wearhythm' (una flauta, una guitarra, su voz). otra: 'the would and' . y mi favorita: 'rites of time' (hay un silbido y una melodía con aroma a clásico que me recuerda a 'true love will find you in the end' de Daniel Johnston). por el medio, una versión de 'sea song' de Robert Wyatt, tan elegante como sólo podría serlo Christina Carter.

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