microphones in the trees: strom noir / sij

Monday, June 08, 2015

strom noir / sij

"our long-time favorite ambient music maker joins our label for this tape. warm, contemplative guitar tunes of Strom Noir are very good for listening on repeat in your quietest time of day, when nothing will distract you. ambient impressionism in its best, reflecting and radiating all and everything around ~ through the music, through the self." 

~ all tracks conceived as headphone music. 
written and recorded by Emil Maťko ~

"second "shrine" from imaginative world of SiJ music expands the colorful landscapes of ancient myths and legends, merging tribal pulses with timeless ambient flows. entraining mind with mysterious sounds, this album isn't just telling stories, but invites the listener to solve enigmas of hidden shrines and symbolic tales. from here and now ~ to infinite beyond."

 all tracks written, mixed and mastered by Vladislav Sikach 

 percussion by Robert Rich, Bill Laswell, Robin Storey/Rapoon.
field recordings by jymdavis, ahmadSA, D W, 
everythingsounds, annhawks, Sclolex. 
singing Bowl by Tim Six/Creation VI


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