microphones in the trees: david edren

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

david edren

"When Sigrid Volders & Narelle Dore asked me to make a musical mix for the presentation of their project "Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant", i immediately thought of the "Plantasia" album by Mort Garson, who is one of my favourite electronic composers. Little did i know, i soon discovered, although truly amazing, it is just one of many plant-related albums. Roger Roger, that other pioneer of electronic library music, made "De La Musique et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter vos Plantes" in 1978, a remarkable album which, like the Mort Garson album, also included a booklet with enchanting text and pictures. For me, discovering more and more, it all began to form into this greater spiral of interest. I saw the film "The Secret Life Of Plants" and this documentary called "Mind Of Plants" by Jacques Mitsch (Arte 2009). 

After which i immediately obtained some codariocalyx and mimosa pudica seeds; both known as the dancing and sensitive plants respectively. I really wanted to start growing these plants myself. When the first seedlings popped up, in my head a plan began to grow. You get emotionally attached to plants, watering them at specific times and taking care of them every day; something that was new to me, really. After the codario was already grown quite a bit, i started placing a little speaker next to it and play it gentle electronic sounds. The littlest leaves would start twitching and turning right after these waves of sound would come out of the speaker. As for the mimosa pudica, it was rather obvious from the beginning this was a very sensitive being; The slightest touch or breeze would set off it's receptors, folding up it's leaves one by one and even branches collapsing towards it's roots. I was mesmerized! As an ode to these two botanical beings, i decided to make sounds which are gathered here on the attached cd. Enjoy." David Edren / DSR Lines


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Vitezslove Sichtar said...

Hello. that's exactly the same album by Mort Garson that pop up in my mind when such an event occurs! Did some inspired "gardening" mixtape far beyond this experience - here's the link, if interested : http://tinyurl.com/gardening-by-oozlum

mar said...

este librito es muy especial ponita, como la musicala claro -solo se editaron 250... participan varios artistas de Amberes y ademas trae una sección de taste and sounds con recetas :P, fotolas de "het bos" y bueno, son páginas para echarse un clavado a este rincón del mundo ^.^ special*

ana said...

es que especial es la palabra filomena, y comestible ;) el libro, la música y sobre todo la inspiración...cada vez que leo plantasia y mort garson me dan ganas de volver a subir el disco. está ya en la lista de muy muy favoritos de toda la vida...cap'n jack, mort garson (ya esa portada...), tape studies...you know :)
por cierto, cuando dices que participan 250 artistas de amberes te refieres a fotos o música?


thank you for the mix, Vitezslove. starting with that song from Johnny Nash is truly inspiring.

mar said...

favorito de la vida yes que sí. es que plantasia o el documental de las plantas inspiraron a muchos, marcaron... no participan 250 artistas, solo editaron 250 libros, por lo que es una edición muy limitada, vale la pena hacerse de una copia... la mayoría de las fotos del libro son obviamente de las plantas colgantes pero sin embargo, retrata un espíritu que se pasea en esta ciudad, así lo siento... será que para hacer el libro participó gente de amberes o que vive en amberes... la fría y gris ciudad que es un cuartel de varios talentos.