microphones in the trees: end of summer batch at pantheon – creation VI /sij / welcome black

Monday, August 24, 2015

end of summer batch at pantheon – creation VI /sij / welcome black

Live recording of the show in Sochi, when stars and planets formed favorable pattern and flow of sound was colorizing almost by itself with ornaments made of voices, flutes, jaw harps and field recordings. Organic nightly drone ambient in the best traditions of Creation VI.

«Space is unfolding in front of listener. Space in which melodies go from everywhere. Flexible music is similar to light – weightless and pervasive. Even darkest forest thickets acquire dense emerald hue, and whole world starts to play with special colors following these magical tunes, mysterious voices and light weavings of flutes. Live recording presented on this album balances nature elements, sound becomes basic transforming energy. First sound is born from silence, solar eye appears from the dark to lighten the Universe. 

Creation VI dedicated this concert to Black Sea, which surface is touched by sundown. Gazing beyond the horizon, we're catching the last bright rays sinking in the depths of sea».

This most personal album in SiJ discography is dedicated to his beloved wife. Its transparent sound awakens a romantic dreamer in every careful listener. Born somewhere between the sky and sea, in silent evening dialogue of elements, melodies of this album are lining up in compositions like a guiding stars, so everyone could find its own Way to Dream.
«Last rays of setting sun reflected from the azure sea surface picked up the purest, deepest dreams and flew away like a rapid sailboat. The light fades over horizon, giving way to lullaby of twinkling stars»...

Perfectly crafted third full-length album by russian one-man-one-guitar project from Kostroma city. Endless flows of dense gravity, astronomical distances and psychosomatic post-effects. Very minimalistic drone work, carefully infused with nuances. Works good at high volume levels, but also in headphones – completely different experience each time. 

«With every minute it unfolded more and more in all directions. It was pitch black at first, but then some colors were added. Some light. Some life. But it was only for a brief moment of growth and soon enough it was only black color all around. There were some movement, and maybe new light was waiting for its birth, but after all – it was just different shades of perfect black».

All three new releases are available as a whole batch for reduced price with bonus artwork and in beautiful packaging. You can order it at label's bandcamp merch page.

~ have a nice last days of summer! ~


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