microphones in the trees: rest in paradise, Iasos

Friday, January 12, 2024

rest in paradise, Iasos


Iasos ~ 1947-2024

some of you may already know that last saturday, jan 6th, New Age legend Iasos passed away. he's considered one of the creators of new age music as we know it, especially the electronic kind. his music set up a vibe for several generations of spiritual music makers. 

from the very beginning of his career Iasos claimed that he's only a medium for the higher-dimensional being named Vista with whom he was in telepathic contact his whole life. Vista is an enlightened being whose main occupation is to play music over our whole galaxy. the mission of Iasos on Earth was to translate this music into something humans can perceive and to elevate our consciousness to the higher planes. you may believe him or not about this connection or about recording an actual fairy laughter or many his other cool stories, but for me and many others, Iasos' music was a huge inspiration and influence. from ambient to vaporwave, his trademark otherworldly tunes are echoing for almost 50 years now... 

but what is time? just an illusion. it all happens now, and it is now Iasos plays this angelic music for the first time, it is now you're listening to it, it is now Iasos is united with Vista and Crystal in their beautiful purple-shaded world. and it's only a rest point for him towards the diamond center of the universe... 

thank you for everything, for your music and the way you laugh especially =)

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