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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

sound mirrors

miroirs sonores ~ voyage au coeur de la matière (1988)

first time i got familiar with this album was through incomparably amazing Sounds of the Dawn who has been a huge source of inspiration since their blogspot times. SotD has a CD version though and Discogs haven't had an entry for cassette release, so i was sure it was CD only ~ until suddenly stumbled on this tape while digging private announces. so here's the cassette rip as well, for the sake of archiving this unique work. "miroirs sonores" is a name of a specific sound sculpture/instrument made by Bernard & François Baschet ~ french brothers, who were creating some unique sound sculptures their whole life. their own recordings date far back to 1965, when they released a documentation of the experiments with glass and metal sound objects as Structures For Sound 10" vinyl. recently their work got a renewed interest with a double LP release on the parisian Transversales Disques label, probably in the raise of interest to another renown sound sculptures creator Harry Bertoia

this specific tape though involves other people playing the Baschet's "sound mirrors" ~ Olivier Milchberg, his father Jorge Milchberg and Rob Yaffe ~ all of them being participants of Los Incas band, who you may know as the ones recording "El Condor Pasa" song with Simon & Garfunkel. so they come from a bit different background, playing mostly folk music through their careers and yet, they managed to create deeply meditative recording for this project ~ it's as serene and slowly paced, as Himalayan Bells of Karma Moffet or numerous Klaus Wiese singing bowls albums ~ vibrational music with a lot of air in between resonating wellsprings of sound.  

listen: cassette rip ~ cd rip

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