microphones in the trees: brethren of the free spirit

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

brethren of the free spirit

"Inspirado na mística francesa Marguerite Porete que foi condenada como herege e queimada em 1310, James Blackshaw e Jozef Van Wissem apresentam-nos aqui a sua primeira colaboração. Quatro belos temas conduzidos pela guitarra de doze cordas de Blackshaw e acompanhadas lindamente pelo alaúde de Wissem. Excelente álbum, um marco na carreira dos dois músicos." amplificasom

"James Blackshaw & Jozef Van Wissem form a Holy Alliance on this palindromatic masterwork. The great new duo record from James Blackshaw and Jozef van Wissem, creating a great synthesis of their two distinct styles. Both mighty in their own right, and great to hear together." audiomer

"This is the work of two consummate stringed instrument manipulators working in the improvised avant-folk idiom...Together, it's a perfect pairing, Blackshaw and Van Wissem conjuring a delicately dense intertwining of forward-flowing fingerpicked minimalist melodies... stately spiritual praises that are all instrumental but for a brief Current 93ish spoken coda to track one, "...The Lifting Of The Veil". And track three, "How The Unencumbered Soul Advises That One Not Refuse The Calls Of A Good Spirit", is more of an electrically-charged, expansive soundscape of moody string-strike. Electronics and the "feline vocals" of one Bun Bun are also woven into the mix with Blackshaw's 12 string and Van Wissem's baroque lute." aquarius

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